Recently, I sent my manuscript, Blood Rain, to Portland Book Review to see if it was well received.  And it seems that they really liked it.  They gave the book four stars and were honest about its shortcomings along with the things that they liked about the story.  I've very pleased with the review.  They talk a great deal about the themes of the story and seemed impressed with the world that I created even though the young adult market tends to be saturated with fantasy.

Anyway, the review is out, and I'd really appreciate it if you would have a look at it. You can find it HERE.  If you like what you hear and haven't read Blood Rain, please go to amazon and pick up a copy of the e-book. 

Hopefully I'll be selling print-on-demand copies soon.  My goal is to have my edits complete by the end of December, and I'll be selling the print copies then.  As I mentioned on my previous blog, there are some travelling discrepancies with my world and some overlooked grammatical mistakes, but nothing that will take me too long to adjust. 

For those with e-book copies, you should be able to update to the newer version for free.  From what I understand these small mistakes don't detract from the story too terribly much, but I want to give my readers the best experience that I can.  So, read the story now, enjoy it, and update your e-book when I have finished with my edits for a  more polished version.

In other news, I mentioned in my last blog that I intended to participate in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) this time around.  While I was involved with NaNo this time, to be honest, I didn't actively pursue it very much.  One reason was that real life got in the way.  This has been a rough couple of months for me personally from unemployment to illness.  Things could be better.  It makes it difficult to focus when there is a lot on my mind. 

Also, when I got started, my goal was to finish Blood God by the end of the month.  I think I owe it to my readers to try to write the best novel I can, especially since Blood God is the final novel of this series.  So, even though NaNoWriMo had spurred me on to work on it again, I'm not going to rush it. 

In the meantime, between writing, reading, and real life, I'm also editing Blood Moon. I hope to be done with those edits by the end of December as well.  So, if you're interested in this series, Blood Moon is the second book and will be available very soon.  It picks up almost exactly where you left off at the end of Blood Rain.  I hope you like it.

I've had a busy couple of weeks.  First of all, I was sick with an upper respiratory infection for about two weeks and am finally over it.  Then, when reading through Blood Rain and Blood Moon, I found some discrepancies with distances to various parts of the world that I really didn't like.  I also found out that there are certain grammatical mistakes in both novels that I really need to fix. 

So, long story short, I'm sorry for the delay in releasing Blood Moon, but it isn't ready yet.  Rest assured, though, when the book is ready it will be worth the wait.  I will also be releasing an updated version ofBlood Rain soon with travelling time corrections and better editing.  I apologize for these issues in the earlier version.  I might also be including a map of Lacern for those that are interested, but it might have to be in another update when the map is more "polished" than it is currently.  (I created a basic map for my own reference, but it could use a little work...)  Also, when the edits are complete, there will also be a "print on demand" option for those of you who prefer a print copy of the novel. 

In between editing, creating maps, and formulating correct distances, I've also started working on Blood God again.  I've decided, though, that Blood God will be my project for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) this year.  Every November, many of my friends try to write a novel for this event.  Writers living in the same general areas get together and bounce ideas off of one another, do writing exercises, and basically attempt to finish a novel by the end of the month.  Even though I already have characters and ideas, I might just use this as an opportunity to spur myself into seriously concentrating on this novel and trying to reach my goal of having it finished by Christmas.  Wish me luck.  I'm exited about the idea of approaching this story again and this time finishing it.  The outline is ready, and so am I. 

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I'm on it!  I haven't stopped working, but I did have to slow down for a little while during my recovery.  This was a very nasty virus that turned into something just one step shy of bronchitis.  I haven't been this sick in a long time.  I knew that having two kids meant that there would be illnesses when school started again.  It comes with the territory.  Anyway, I'll keep you posted about the novel and about my progress when I have more to report.  In the meantime, please check out Blood Rain, and when the update comes out, please reload it.  Thanks.

Hopefully, I'll have a book review for you soon as well.  I've started reading Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare.  I'm working it in for at least fifteen minutes a day while I exercise, but if it can captivate my attention like I think it can, I might chew through it much faster.  We'll see.  I'll keep you posted.

Just a few announcements.  First of all, Blood Rain is still on the Amazon store for those of you who would like to purchase it.   I'm telling you this because, I'm pleased to announce, very soon the second book of the series,Blood Moon, will be available.  Also, if you purchased Blood Rain and enjoyed it, please leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads.

Yes, to my few fans who are interested, I am currently working on the third and final book of the series, Blood God.  I'm hoping to be finished at the latest by Christmas, but we'll have to see how inspired I feel and how much time I have to write.  There's a possibility I might be done before then, but I'm hoping to make Christmas my deadline. (If I take longer, rest assured it'll be to make the book better.)

I have to include a huge thank you on this post for my artist and friend J. M. Lee for doing such a wonderful job on the cover art of the first and second book.  I've included the cover art here to make your search for the novels easier and because I think, whether you are buying the book or not, you need to see this artwork.  He has done a wonderful job and I highly suggest you check out his website to see the other types of work he does through his company Wolf &Fox Design Studio.

I guess that's it for now.  I'll keep you posted on the progress of Blood God.  Thanks for reading.  Here's the cover art for Blood Moon.  Isn't it beautiful?  I love it.

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to make a quick post to let you know that my first novel "Blood Rain" is available for purchase and download at Amazon.com on the Kindle Store.  Copies are going for $2.99.  Big THANK YOU to J.M. Lee for doing the cover artwork.  Go ahead and click on it and the amazon store page will open up in a new window.

This was a big step for me.  I had been trying to find an agent to represent this book, but no one was excited enough about the concept to do so.  I feel like this novel was definitely a good story so I decided to publish on Kindle.  I'm currently looking for people who would be willing to review the book, either on their own page or on the Amazon store.  If you are a reviewer of fantasy novels and ebooks, please contact me and I can arrange for a review copy to be provided to you.

Here's to hoping for success for "Blood Rain".


Blood Rain

The novel is about a 16 year old girl named Mercy who is training to be the next shaman for her secluded treetop village on the night that blood rains from the sky. During the storm, the enemies of her people, the bat-like beast-men called "Blood Wings" are incited into a blood frenzy during an attack that nearly destroys her tribe. The village chieftain sends her on a mission of honor to find the source of the rain, forcing her to flee the village in the midst of the battle. Her mission takes her from one corner of the continent to the next and Mercy is forced to befriend potential enemies, spies, and even one of the Blood Wings to uncover the truth about the blood rain. As Mercy searches for answers she uncovers secrets from her past, lies that are widely accepted as truths, and a terrifying secret hidden by the beast men themselves. Everything points to a powerful magic which disappeared hundreds of years ago. If magic resurfaces in the world everything will change forever.


The Guildsmen

Emily is a young woman struggling to earn respect as a mechanic in London after she inherits her Father’s business.  When her childhood friend and lover, Victor, returns to England, things finally seem to be improving for her, until he fixes her Father’s watch and they discover the mysterious blueprints inside along with a cryptic note warning her to hide the blueprints and to avoid “The Guildsmen.”  Emily becomes entangled in warring secret societies, corporate espionage, and old rivalries in an attempt to save Victor’s life and uncover the truth about her Father’s death.



The main character, Orel, is different than everyone else in his hometown.  He is faster, his eyes are a strange color, and he has a unique ability that no one else in his town possesses, the ability to summon spirits.  He single handedly has turned the once depleted mine into a prosperous coal town.  Still, his life changes when a shrewd railroad baron, Everest Wildworth, buys the town and blackmails Orel into working for him.  Orel moves to the city where the spirits he summons are used to aid in the creation of a new type of fuel.  While there, Orel learns about his heritage.  He’s descended from a strange tribe of creatures called the Aves and he’s having trouble coping with who he really is and where he really came from.  Still, despite everything else, he knows what he really needs to discover is why the spirits are disappearing and what Wildworth is hiding.